Thank You For Your Continued Support

Thank You For Your Continued Support

Dear Chuck and the Ray Foundation,

On behalf of the EAA Chapters team and the entire EAA Chapter network, thank you for your continued support with the EAA Ray Aviation Scholarship program. With all chapters awarded for 2021, I am excited to announce we have a total of 141 chapters participating and 148 scholarships to be awarded to deserving youth.

Our chapters are more motivated than ever to uphold the Ray Foundation's mission by providing lasting mentorship, camaraderie, and guidance to their Ray Scholars. The Ray Aviation Scholarship is truly allowing our chapter network to directly impact the future of aviation.

Some of our chapters have awarded their scholars using a ``big check,`` so we decided to follow suit here at EAA National and make one of our own!

We are looking forward to another amazing year and I hope we can officially meet at AirVenture 2021.

Blue skies,
Megan Hart
Chapter Field Representative I EAA 1076634

Thank You from EAA | Ray Foundation
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