Grant Requests

Ray Foundation, Inc. receives grant requests throughout the year from prospective applicants and reviews them on a quarterly basis. Grant requests for funding consideration by our Board of Directors must be forwarded via USPS or a courier service to our office address:

Ray Foundation, Inc.
100 Aviation Drive South, Suite 203
Naples, FL 34104

All submitted grant requests should be clearly articulated and must include background information on your organization as well as a copy of your organizations 501(c)3 determination letter.

PLEASE NOTE that electronic submissions will not be accepted at this time. Online forms and applications are in the process of being developed.

The following checklist provides some guidance for formatting your organization’s application. Every grant request for consideration by Ray Foundation, Inc. must have the following required information:

  1. Description and background of applicant organization. This should also include the organization’s website address.
  2. Description of program to be funded and outcome desired.
  3. Financial information and a copy of applicant organization’s IRS 501(c)3 determination letter.
  4. Pro Forma financial information and business plan for program (if new).
  5. A copy of (or link to) applicant organization’s Federal Tax Return Form 990.